Brunei - Brunei International Airport



Brunei International Airport



Brunei International Airport, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei




Brunei International Airport is relatively small but modern airport located in the capital of Brunei. It uses LCD display boards, monitors, split flaps and LEDs.



Project Overview:

           Business need:                

In order to provide highly effective and efficient flight information with state-of-the-art technology to passengers and improve customer service, Brunei International airport turned to the world reputed Infologic FIDS and IVRS system.



Infologic provided a Windows-based FIDS solution which provides an active-hot standby redundant system. The solution is not only highly reliable but also highly flexible system. The system is still able to operate normally even when the number of flights was more than doubled. The beauty of the system is that it can be upgraded and expanded very easily. No major software changes were required and minimal impact to the airport operations during the upgrading exercise.  The Infologic FIDS has a direct interface to the airport AODB where all flight data are received.  FIDS in turn sends flight information to the airport Public Address System which provide the airport with automatic flight information system.

IVRS system provided by Infologic uses the worldwide telephony network and voice processing media. Linked to FIDS system, it can extract information for playback in voice messages to staffs in the airport. The IVRS retrieves the relevant data according to the staffs¡¯ request and forms the corresponding reply using the audio database.




A reliable system, yet highly flexible. Also, by integrating, automating and personalizing the flow of flight information and interactive telephony network, the Infologic FIDS helped the airport optimized its operations.