Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS)

Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS)
Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS)

First impressions are lasting impressions and our Flight Information Display System will make a lasting impression.

Each bus/train station has unique characteristics. Infologic offers top quality, yet cost effective solutions for any bus/train station, with only one objective in mind: to provide the best possible PIDS, tailored to fit the uniqueness of the bus/train station and the interaction with any other bus/train station services.

Many world-class bus/train stations have chosen the PIDS solution of Infologic. bus/train stations deserve it!

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Infologic¡¯s approach to meeting bus/train station requirements for PIDS is to provide a total solution. Infologic design, deliver, install, commission the PIDS, and provide after-sale service, thus ensuring efficient service throughout the lifecycle.

Backed by Infologic leading technology and capabilities, Infologic provides a wide range of products and services for bus/train stations.


Infologic PIDS is based on state of the art technology. It supports any display technology including Plasma, CRT, LED, LCD, Split Flap, etc. and can smoothly integrate with virtually any existing display equipment installed at the bus/train stations.

Infologic PIDS¡¯ open architecture is based on any standard, open protocol (SOAP, XML, CORBA, MQ, IONA, Tuxedo), however it can be tailored to support proprietary protocols. It can interconnect seamlessly with other bus/train stations services. Integration with the Internet to either retrieve content or to provide train/bus information is incorporated, yet, PIDS is fully secured against unauthorized access from anywhere, at any level.

Infologic PIDS fully supports multi-lingual environments for the display of information in the native language of passengers, including Chinese and Kanji.



Infologic PIDS is designed to run 24/7 continuously. Advanced technology is employed to minimize the risk of failure without having to invest in expensive hardware.

Infologic PIDS provides unparalleled reliability, beyond customer¡¯s expectations, which is exactly the reason why the world¡¯s top bus/train stations choose the Infologic PIDS.





Infologic PIDS fully integrates multimedia capabilities on eye-catching display technology, enabling a revenue-generating system, whereas personalized information aims to entertain and inform the passengers about their destination.


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